A man goes to see a doctor about his stuttering problem.

The doctor enters the exam room and says “Good afternoon! What seems to be the problem?”

“Ww… wwh… well,” says the man, “I ha… have have thissss… t.. t… terrible stutter alm…most mh… mh… mh… my wh… who…. whole l.. life. P..P..People make… fu…fu..fun of me. I ca.. ca. can’t go on le…le..le…like this!”

“I see,” says the doctor. “Have you been to a speech therapist about this?”

“Ye.. yes,” responds the man slowly. “Th… the… they said it’s a ph..ph.. physio…physiolo.. logic…c.. cal problem.”

“Hmm. Ok, well, let’s have a look at you.”

The doctor begins to give the man an exam. He checks in his ears and throat, palpates his neck, and so on. Eventually the doctor check’s the man’s groin and discovers that he has a 16 inch penis.

“Well!” exclaims the doctor, “I think I’ve discovered the root of your problem. Your unusually large penis is adversely affecting your vagus nerve. I can almost guarantee you a normal speaking voice if we perform a penis reduction.”

The patient says, “I’m wi.. wiii… willing to tr.. tr.. try anyth..th..thing at this po… po… point!”

So, they schedule a date and the doctor performs the surgery. Everything goes according to plan, and the man wakes up from recovery with a 6 inch penis and a perfectly functioning voice!

On his followup visit, the man gets to see his surgeon.

He gives him a big hug and says “Thank you doctor! You have no idea how much you’ve changed my life!”

The doctor smiles and says “D… d… do… don’t..n’t… meh.. meh… men… mention it!”

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