A man is driving down an old dirt road

As he is driving he notices there are very few houses nearby, as he is enjoying the scenery he runs his car over into the ditch. As it had recently rained the ditch was slick and muddy and he had found himself stuck. He realizes his predicament so he starts walking. He walks up to a house and see’s a farmer plowing his field while his wife is dropping in seeds and his kid is burying the seeds. The man asks the farmer “Hey, you got a phone? My car is stuck in the ditch.” The farmer says “I’ll unhitch my horse and pull you out.” The man says “No I need a phone to call a wrecker, my car is stuck in the ditch.” But the farmer insists on using his one horse. So the man and the farmer walk back to the car, as they approach the car the farmer says, “I’ll hook him to the bumper and you put it in neutral” the man says ok. So he gets in his car and puts it into neutral, the farmer gets behind the horse and says, “Come on Dusty, come on Matt, come on Richard,” then the farmer says “Come on Elmer” then the horse, with ease pulls the car out of the ditch. In shock the man asks the farmer why he called the horse so many names. The farmer says “well, Elmer is blind, and if he thinks he is working by himself he won’t pull”

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  1. Farmer: “C’mon, Ed!”

    Horse: “I know it’s just me here, sweetie! I’m not blind…”

    Car man: “Holy shit! A talking horse!”

    Farmer: “That horse is a fucking *liar*!”

  2. I figured the joke was that Elmer wasn’t the horse’s name, but he was being threatened with being turned into Elmer’s Glue if he didn’t get the car out of the ditch.

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