A man is driving down the street one night and sees a nun hitchhiking on the side of the road.

Wanting to do a good deed, he pulls over and offers to pick her up.

Thankful, the nun gladly accepts his ride and tells him where she is heading. This happens to be on the way for him anyway, so even better!

The conversation on the way is a bit stiff at first — you know, not really knowing how to talk to a nun and all — but it eventually develops into a light, breezy conversation. They are really getting along and having a nice time.

So the guy nervously decides to delve a little deeper and asks,

“Sister, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but one thing that I’ve always wondered about is how you can go your whole life without having sex? Isn’t that hard?”

The nun replies, “Well, you know my son, that’s a big misconception. We actually are allowed to have sex, we just have to follow 3 rules.”

“Rule number one is that you can only have sex with someone who is Catholic.”

“Rule number two is that you can only have sex with someone who is not married.”

“Rule number three is that it must be up the butt.”

Intrigued, he replies, “Well sister, I’m Catholic and I’m not married. What do you say…..”

She gives him the once over and says, “Ok, why not?”

So they pull over into a secluded lot and go at it hot and heavy, and have a great time.

They get back on the road and eventually get to the nun’s destination. She turns to say goodbye and sees the man is crying.

“Goodness, what’s the matter?” she asks him

“Sister, I feel so guilty, I must confess. I’m actually Jewish and married!” he says

The nun looks at him and says, “That’s ok because my name is Steve and I’m headed to a costume party.

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