A man saw an ad in the newspaper for a free talking dog…

He thought it was impossible, so he went to the address to check it out.
Standing at the fence to the backyard of the house was a normal-looking German Shepherd.

The man, wanting to prove the ad wrong asked the dog, “so are you the talking dog?”

Surprisingly, the dog replied, “yeah that’s me.”

The man, shocked, said, “that’s incredible! What’s your story?”

“Well,” the dog answered. “I was born in a litter just like any other dog, but Iearned how to speak by listening to the humans. Once they figured out I could talk, they sold me at an auction. The guy that bought me was an American CIA agent and he used me as a spy on the Russians during the Cold War. After I retired, I helped out at a daycare, and now I’m here.”

“Amazing!” The man said. “I’m going to talk to your owner, and then you’re coming home with me.”


The man knocks on the door, and an elderly gentleman answers.

“That dog is amazing,” the potential new owner said. “Why are you just giving away a talking dog?!”

“Because,” the older man said. “He’s full of shit… He never did any of that.”

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