A man says to his wife ‘apparently the milkman has had sex with every woman but one on our street’

‘I bet it’s that stuck up cow at No.36’ replies the wife

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  1. I really don’t look like either of my parents, in fact I look most like one of my uncles, which is pretty creepy when you think about it. But for my entire life, since I was old enough to talk and noticed that I don’t look like my parents, my mother would tell me straight out “That’s because you’re the milkman’s baby” with a perfectly honest face. Still don’t know how I feel about it.

  2. that’s when the wife replies, i had sex with the milkman 3 times and he liked it, then i came home and made you lick my dirty clit, but you didn’t know til later, how does that feel?

  3. He come can in any kind of weather because his bag is made of leather
    He don’t need no keys or locks he’ll just slip it in your box
    That’s cuz… he’s your mailman

  4. Am I the only one wondering from all these milkman jokes how come I have never seen a milkman? Did Walmart, Byrne Dairy and Stewart’s all come together to build a secret facility where they are holding all these milkmen for over 25 years? What’s going on?

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