a man walks into a bar….

a man walks into a bar, puts an eguana and a frog on the bar and orders a pint.

the barman spots this and says “oi, wtf are you doing bringing them in here?!?”

the man takes a sip of his pint and says to the barman “i bet you 100£ i can make the frog sing”

the barman says “ok, your on” next thing the frog pats its feet and starts singing “rain drops are falling on my head”

the barman, amazed, says “ok fair play” and hands the man 100£.

next thing another man at the end of the bar stands up and offeres the man 1000£ for the frog, the man agrees and he leaves with the frog.

the barman says to the man “wtf have you done that for, you could have made a fortune with that frog?!?”

the man takes another sip of his beer and says “nah, i found the frog on the path on the way here, the eguana is a ventriloquist”

What do you think?

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