A man walks into a bar, takes a small piano out of his bag and then a tiny man. the tiny man starts playing the piano.

The bartender asks the gentleman “what’s up”?
The gentleman explains how he found a magic lamp with a genie inside and he grants wishes. The gentleman says if you give me a couple free drinks I will gladly let you make a wish.
The bartender thinks, ok what’s the worst that can happen.
The bartender gives the gentleman a couple free drinks and the gentleman in return summons the genie.
The bartender makes his wish!
Not a second later the bar door bursts open and a million ducks fill the bar.
The bartender says to the gentleman “what the hell is this? I wished for a million bucks not a million ducks!”
The gentleman looks at the bartender and says “yeah, the genie is hard of hearing. Do you really think I wished for a 9 inch pianist?”

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