A man walks into a bar with an octopus.

He approaches the bar tender and says “I bet you a drink that it can play any instrument.”

The bartender agrees and walks behind the bar returning with a trumpet.

The octopus examines the instrument for a minute and suddenly begins playing the instrument as good or better than Miles Davis.

The bartender is astounded but skeptical. He says “Alright how about $100 for the next instrument?”

The man agrees. The bartender soon returns with a six string electric guitar.

The octopus examines the instrument and even quicker than before starts wailing on the instrument as good or better than Hendrix himself.

The bartender is gobsmacked but wants to recoup his losses.

“Ok, last time, $500 says he can’t play the next one.”

The man agrees and the bartender returns with a set of bag pipes.

The octopus holds the instrument and examines it carefully. He turns it over again and again in his tentacles. First looking from one angle and then the next.

Somewhat frustrated, the owner says “What the heck aren’t you gonna play it?”

The octopus retorts “No, but if I can get the pajamas off I’m going to fuck the shit out of it!”

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