A man was riding his motorcycle through the border of Germany and Austria every week carrying 2 bags filled with sand.

The border guard, an older man, searched both bags every time, but never found anything so he let him through. This goes on for a couple days until the border guard had his last day before retirement. Again the man comes to the boarder, both bags filled with sand. The guard asks him: “Look man, today is my last day. I know you are smuggling SOMETHING so please tell me, I won’t bust you. I’m dying of curiosity since I never seem to find anything in the bags.” The man grins and says:
“I’m smuggling motorcycles.”

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  1. My favorite version was the worker who left his Russian plant every day pushing a wheelbarrow full of manure. The plant guard figured who steals manure, so he was allowed to pass each day.

    Years later, he meets the retired plant guard, who asks him: “What were you up to with that manure everyday?”

    Worker: “I was stealing wheelbarrows.”

    *Good one YZX.*

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