A Medieval polish farmer is out working in his fields one day, and digs up an old magic lamp. He begins to wipe off the dirt, thinking to sell it at market, when suddenly a Genie flies out, offering the astonished farmer 3 wishes.

“Oh Noble farmer, you have freed me from my prison, and for that I grant you 3 wishes! What say you?”

The farmer thinks hard about his first wish, and finally says “I wish for the Mongol hoard to come invade Poland.”

The Genie looks at the farmer, puzzled for a moment, then nods. The entire Mongol hoard then eventually shows up and begins pillaging and looting everywhere. It is a time of great misery and suffering, but the hoard eventually leaves again.

Shaken, the Genie asks the farmer for his second wish,
“Oh Noble farmer, now that thou hast brought this country to its knees, what is your next wish?”

The farmer looks around at the devastation, resolve in his eyes, and says “Genie, I want the Mongol Hoard to come invade Poland again!”

The Genie looks at the man in horror, and starts to argue with him, but then just sighs and snaps his fingers. Eventually, the Mongols arrive once more, and re-destroy the surrounding country. It is another time of great pain and misery for the polish people. Eventually, the Mongols depart once more

Shaken by what he has witnessed, the Genie cautiously asks the farmer for his third wish. Without hesitation, the farmer immediately says “I wish for the Mongols to invade Poland one more time!”

The Genie can’t believe his ears.
“Oh Cruel farmer, why would you wish such misery on your fellow countrymen? What harm and suffering have they heaped on you to make you hate them so?” the puzzled Genie asks, as he snaps his finger one final time.

The farmer grins at the Genie. “Oh, I don’t hate my countrymen, I love my friends and neighbors and this country. But every time the Mongols invade us, they go through Russia twice!”

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