A Mexican, a Spaniard and an American are all travelling in a plane

When suddenly, the plane crashed onto a small island. The three emerged from the crash remains and noticed they’re the only survivors.

They quickly organized and started gathering materials to survive when suddenly, a group of native cannibals surrounded them with spears and took them to the village chief.

The chief then told them that in order to survive and avoid being eaten, they’ll have to complete a task that is split in two parts.

The chief says: The first part consists of grabbing one of these baskets and bringing 10 units of your desired fruit. Once you come back, I’ll explain the second part of the test.

And so, the 3 survivors each grab as basket and run off separately across the jungle. After a while, the first one to arrive is the American, as he approaches the chief, he kneeled in one knee and offered up his basket as he said: “Chief, I have returned. My name is George and I have brought 10 apples”.

“Great!” Says the chief. “Now what I want you to do George is to grab each one of those apples and stick em up your ass, and if you happen to make ANY sort of noise whilst doing it, we will kill you immediately”.

George nods nervously and starts sweating as he drops his pants down. He started cursing his own mind for picking apples instead of a smaller fruit. The cannibals gathered around him forming a circle as he put on his best poker face and gritted his teeth as he shoved the first apple up his rectum, the pain was eventually too much and he let out a scream in pain, the cannibals slit his troath on the spot.

Right as this was happening, the Mexican survivor arrived. He approached the chief and offered his basket and said “My name is Juan and I’ve brought 10 cherries”.

The chief explains the same rules as he told George before, the Mexican feeling wise and cocky thought to himself “Piece of cake!”

He dropped his trousers and the cannibals gathered around Juan as he started his endeavour. One after another, the cherries magically disappeared inside this man’s body all the while he is remaining completely silent almost bragging about his cherry inserting skills.

As the cherries disappeared, the cannibals got excited and started chanting something in their native language akin to how you would chant “Chug! Chug! Chug!” as words of encouragement to your drunk friend. The Mexican, feeling proud and accomplished, held the last cherry in his hand, he looked to the left and held the cherry in the air, all the cannibals going crazy in excitement. He looked to the right and he couldn’t hold it, he laughed! He let out a hysterical laugh, unable to stop! The cannibals slit his troath as he wasn’t supposed to make ANY kind of noise.

On their way to heaven, George saw Juan and said to him very angrily: “Juan! You stupid dumbf***! I saw it all. You had it man! One more cherry and you could still be alive! What the hell happened?!”

The Mexican, still giggling said: I know, I know George. I couldn’t help myself. When I looked to the right, I saw that dumb Spaniard carrying 10 pineapples!”

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