A Mime Goes To The Zoo…

The mime, who has been down on his luck, begins to perform his act in the middle of the zoo. Just as a small crowd is beginning to gather, a couple of zookeepers come by and escort him away.

The zookeepers bring the mime to see the head zookeeper, who admits to the mime that recently their most popular exhibit, the gorilla, has died and cannot be replaced for a number of months. He offers the mime $20 per hour to put on a gorilla suit and fill the spot until a proper replacement can be brought in.

The mime enthusiastically accepts. He finds that he really enjoys the life of a gorilla, and the crowds love him. He is much more popular than he ever was as a mine.

After two weeks however the people begin to get bored of him and move to the next exhibit over, the lion. The mime misses the attention dearly and after another week of playing second fiddle he decides to do something to recapture the crowd’s attention.

So the next day he clambers up the bars separating his cage from the lion’s and dangles himself just out of the lion’s reach. The beast is furious, pawing and roaring but it cannot reach him as he swings and taunts. The crowd loves it, and the head zookeeper doubles the mime’s pay.

The mime continues harassing the lion, getting more daring and more cheeky as the poor animal tries and fails to reach him. Eventually though he becomes sloppy and slips.

The mime falls into the lion’s cage and the furious animal immediately pounces for him.

“Help me, help me!” The mime begins to cry, but the lion slaps a paw over his mouth.

“Shut up you idiot, do you want to get us both fired?!”

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