A new Colonel gets stationed in Iraq…

He requests one of the junior Marines to show him around the base, during the tour he sees a donkey. He says Marine! Why is there a donkey here!? The marine says well sir… being out here in the desert sometimes we get lonely and have urges so…. the Colonel cuts him off and says I have heard enough! Although I don’t approve of it I’m not going to be the guy that comes in and changes everything this unit has a high efficiency rate so you marines can proceed. After a few days in Iraq the Colonel starts to have urges, he walks over to the donkey, pulls his pants down and starts to have sex with the donkey. A group of marines walk past him and the Colonel yells out “IS THIS HOW YOU JUNIOR GUYS DO IT!? a Marine yells back, no sir we ride the donkey into town to meet up with women.

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