A nomad was traveling through the desert with his camal.

After weeks of traveling all alone the man got very lonely and his camel began to look more appealing.
Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore and decided he was going to fuck his camel.
No one was around and no one will ever know, he thought to himself.

That evening he got ready, dropped his pants and started making his move.
But every time he came close the camel moved and he couldn’t do it.
After several tries he reluctantly gave up.

Another week in the desert and he becomes desperate again.
That evening he gets ready, drops his pants and makes his move again.
But again, every time the camel moves at the last second.

Another week goes by and the nomad comes across a road going through the desert.
On that road he sees a gorgeous blonde standing next to a car.

The nomad goes up to the woman and her car and the woman is elated at seeing him “Thank god you showed up! My car broke down and I was afraid I will die out here.”
She leans over to him and says suggestively “If you could help me out I’ll do ANYTHING you want”

The nomad can’t believe his luck, he gets to work right away and within the hour the car starts.
The woman jumps with joy and says “As promised, I would do ANYTHING you want?”
The nomad says “Really, ANYTHING??”
The woman comes closer and whispers “A-ny-thing”

The nomad looks her in the eyes and says “Could you hold my camel?”

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