A panda walked into the restaurant where I work as a server.

He came in, found a table and sat down. Hesitantly, I approached and took his order. He ordered sooo much food. He ordered at least one of every entree. I faithfully took notes and read them back to him. Satisfied, he sent me away to give the orders to the kitchen staff.
I took a detour to ask my boss if I should really give all this food to the panda. “I don’t think he can pay for it,” I explained.
My boss told me to just go ahead and get the panda his food. So I delivered the orders to the back.
Sure enough, the panda polished off every one of the entrees he ordered without breaking a sweat.
When he was finished, the panda stood up, shot the hostess and walked out the door.
When I got home that night, trying to come to terms with the insanity of the evening, I decided to do some reading about pandas to see if more information could shed some light. And that’s when I found my answer:
A panda eats chutes and leaves.

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