A penguin grows tired of the cold winters in Alaska…

So he buys a used Corvette and heads south for warmer weather. About five hundred miles into the trip the Corvette starts to overheat.

He stops in a small town and finds a mechanic to get the issue fixed. The mechanic says he is not going to be able to look at the car for an hour, so the Penguin asks him if there is any place to eat while he waits. The mechanic says there is a great fish and chips right around the corner.

So, the penguin leaves and gets a nice lunch. An hour has passed and he heads back to the repair shop. The mechanic has the car on a lift, so the penguin asks the mechanic if he found the issue.

The mechanic says “It looks like you blew a seal.” The penguin wipes the side of his mouth and says “No, that’s just tartar sauce.”

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  1. I think this joke would work a lot better if it was just some Alaskan. Penguins don’t live in Alaska and it isn’t really relevant to the joke.

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