A plane crashes in the pacific ocean. The only survivors are five men and a gorgeous woman

After a few days they end up on a desert island. After several failed attempts to get in contact with the outside world, they give up and come to terms with the fact that they have to spend the rest of their lives on this island.

They quickly acquire the necessary skills to build houses and live off the land. All goes well, except for the fact that the men are constantly fighting over the lady.

After several conflicts, they organize a meeting and conclude that there is only one way to solve this problem: Each of the men gets one day of the week to share with the woman and in the weekends she has some time for herself.

This arrangement, although controversial, works amazingly well for a couple of years.

But then, on a tragic day, the woman dies.

The first week after her death is hard for the men.

In the second week, the frustrations really start to build up.

In the third week, they realize that nothing will ever be the way it was.

In the fourth week, the situation becomes unbearable.

>!So after five weeks, they finally decided to bury her.!<

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  1. – After the first week on the Island, the captain says: “Enough perversions!” and kills the stewardess.

    – After the second week, the captain says: “Enough perversions!” and buries the stewardess.

    – After the third week, the captain says, “Enough perversions!” and digs the body back up…

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