A priest is walking through Kings Cross (a rough area of town), when a woman approached him and says

“Do you want a naughty? 200 bucks.”

“Certainly not,” he mutters and hurries on. Soon he passed near another woman who says “$200 for a naughty. Interested?”

“No thank you,” he replies flusteredly.

As he comes near a third woman she again offers him a naughty for $200, which he of course refuses. Arriving back at the abbey, he happens upon the Mother Superior. Curiosity gets the better of him and he asks, “Mother…er…what’s a naughty?

She replies “Two hundred dollars, just like in Kings Cross.”

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  1. Fun fact. Everyone knows that Harry Potter went to Kings Cross to catch the train to Hogwarts….

    Only JK Rowling got the train station wrong. The platforms don’t align how she describes. She was probably thinking of St Pancras.

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