A prudish mother visits her adult daughter

Her daughter was living in an apartment with a young man, and she did not approve of her living situation. The daughter picked up the mother from the airport, and brought her home. The mother carefully looked around the house. Two bedrooms, one clearly the daughter’s, and one clearly belonging to the young man.

The daughter made a fancy dinner for her mother, and both she and her roommate tried their best to show that they are just two adults that lived together, no more. The young man was charming and polite, and the daughter went the extra mile to make her mother happy and comfortable.

When the weekend was over, the daughter dropped the mother back at the airport. The next day, the daughter called the mother to make sure she had made it home. “Also, Mom, I’m not saying you took it, but I can’t find the fancy serving spoon I used for dinner. Do you know where it is?”

The mom said “Well, I’m not saying you’re sleeping with your roommate, but if you slept in your own bed you’d have found that spoon already.”

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