A psychologist came to an insane asylum in order to see if inmates were ready to be discharged

The psychologist brought with him a match box, he’d ask each inmate what was the thing he was holding, If they answered correctly, he would discharge them. The first inmate said a “match box”, so he was discharged. The second man said “match box” so he was also discharged, so on and so on ’till came the 10th patient. “What is it I’m holding?” Asked the psychologist. “A cat.” Said the inmate. “No, it’s a match box. I’ll come in next week to see if you improved.” The next week the psychologist came again, he asked the inmate again what was the match box in his hand, and again, the inmate said a cat. The psychologist again said that it’s a match box, and that he’ll come back next week. The weeks passed and the psychologist was getting annoyed with the inmate. In the 14th week the inmate was yet again in a meeting with the psychologist. “What am I holding?” Asked the psychologist, annoyed. “A match box!” Said the inmate, the psychologist was so happy he hugged the inmate and as a gift gave him the match box and discharged him.

As he was stepping out of the insane asylum, the inmate patted the match box and said “We got ’em, didn’t we, kitty?”

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