A rabbi is addressing his congregation

He solemnly says “regretfully, today will be my last service. I have to leave the congregation as unfortunately I am not paid enough in this job.”

The audience goes into an uproar. One man yells out “why rabbi?! What can we do to help convince you to stay?”

Another man stands up. “I will double your salary.”

And another. “I will put your kids through college.”

And finally, a very elderly lady, barely mustering the strength to stand somehow stands up and yells out “and I will give you lots and lots of sex!”

Mortified, her son tugs her on the arm to sit her back down. He turns to quietly scold her in a furious whisper, “mom! What an inappropriate thing to say. What has come over you? Why would you say that?”

She replies “well, I asked your father what we could do to help the Rabbi and he said ‘ah.. fuck him’.”

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