A restaurant in Heaven is serving a Christmas special. . .

One day, on Christmas, a restaurant in Heaven is having an extravagant, 3-course Christmas special.

“For our first course,” announces the head chef, “We’ll be serving the food you most commonly ate during your time on Earth!”

So, the waiters bring out everyone’s food. Some people get pizza, some get ramen, but everyone finds the meal okay.

“For our second course,” announces the head chef, “We’ll be serving the best meal you ever ate on Earth!”

Everyone gets their food again, and everyone enjoys their meal greatly, telling their friends the stories behind the food they got.

“And for our final, most sentimental course,” says the head chef, “We’ll be serving the last thing you ate before you died.”

Upon hearing this, one man’s face pales.

“What’s that look on your face for?” Asks the guy sitting next to him.

“The problem is,” says the man, “I got killed in a bar fight. And I think I swallowed a tooth!”

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