A russian, an american and a dane are drinking beer, and get into a bragging contest.

The russian says: “Our navy is so large that if all the ships set out to sea at once, the fish in the ocean won’t have a single spot where they can reach the surface”

The american looks sceptically at him and says: “Well, our mighty airforce is so large that if all the planes take off at once, the sky will be blocked out completly. Not a single ray of sunlight will be able to get through!”.

The dane sets down his mug and says: “I know this guy, who lives in Copenhagen, who has a 3 foot long dick”

The russian and american look at him in disbelief. After a moment of silence the russian says “Ok ok, comrades. Maybe I exaggerated a little. There will propably be some spots where the surface of the oceans isnt completely covered”.

The american nods and says “Yeah, buddy. I might have gotten carried away a little. I’m sure that a few rays of sunlight will be able to get through”.

They then both look at the dane, who looks calmly up from his mug and says: “Ok, you got me. To be honest he actually lives a bit outside Copenhagen”.

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