A Russian communist is lying on his deathbed

His friends are gathered around him all somber. The old man turns to one of them and says,

“Dimitri, remember in 1921 you were almost executed? Well, you should know that I ratted you out to the Cheka. I hope you forgive me.”

“Oh, no worries buddy,” says Dimitri.

The Communist then turns to another friend.

“Petya, remember being sentenced in 1937 to 25 years in the gulag? Well, it was me who went to the NKVD. Please forgive me.”

“No hard feelings, my friend. You are forgiven,” says Petya.

“Misha, I must confess to you that I had you sent to the penal battalion in 1942. I am terribly sorry about that day.”

“Please my friend, we all forgive you. You may go in peace,” says Misha.

“Thank you, comrades, for being with me throughout all these years,” says the old communist with a tear streaming down his face. “I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for you. I never knew you loved me that much despite me being a stool pigeon.”

His friends are visibly touched by his words. Finally, he gathers his last strength and says.

“And in honor of our deep friendship I want you to fulfill my last wish. See that cactus plant on the windowsill? As soon as I die, I want you to take it and shove it up my ass.”

Just as his friends were about to say something the old communist took his last breath.

So Petya rushes to the window, takes the cactus plant off and together they shove it up their dead friend’s butt. Suddenly, the friends hear a loud banging on the door followed by a gruff voice shouting:

“Open up, it’s the police. We’ve received information that an old Bolshevik has been tortured to death.”

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  1. In Soviet Russia, a man goes into a shop.

    ‟I have a badly leaking tap. When can I get a plumbre around to look at it?”

    ‟Let me see. Today is 7 Feb 1984. … We can have a plumber at your place on 14 Nov 1993.”

    ‟OK. Morning or afternoon?”

    ‟What does it matter?”

    ‟Well, I have an electrician coming round in the afternoon.”

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