A Russian had a talking parrot that constantly trashed Putin. When the man’s friends came over he’d take out the parrot and bird would stuff like “Putin is a moron”, “Putin without a shirt looks like a ballerina”, and “Putin cannot swim cuz sh!t floats”. one day banging on the door, “KGB open up!”

The man panics and hides the parrot in the freezer. The KGB ransack the house and can’t find the parrot. After they leave the man takes the parrot out of the freezer and says “you see how stupid the government is”. The parrot shaking start saying “Putin is a genius”, and “Putin is the best democratic leader in the Free world!”. The man is shocked and says c’mon curse them. The parrot shivering looks at the man and says, “I just came back from Siberia, leave me alone”.

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