A sex addict,an alcoholic and a chain smoker go to a hypnotist.

The hypnotist tells all three while under hypnosis that if they ever indulge in their vices again they will die immediately after.

On the way back from the hypnotist the 3 men are walking by a bar. The alcoholic can’t help himself. He says “fuck it. That guy way full shit. There’s no way one little drink will kill me.” And goes into the bar. The other 2 men; curious to see what happens, wait for him outside.

Minutes later the alcoholic opens the bar door, takes one step onto the sidewalk and drops dead. The other 2 men men are shocked in disbelief.

The 2 men continue down the street. A man walking towards them flicks an almost full cigarette onto the sidewalk as he goes into a store. The chain smoker stops in front of the cigarette and stares at it. The sex addict says to him “don’t do it it man. If you bend over and pick up that smoke we’re both fucking dead”

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