A singer, a stand-up comedian and an idiot were only survivors when a plane crashed on a lonely island

At first they were having many problems, but after a while they built a shelter, found fresh water, some wild fruits… All they could now do is to live that way and wait for someone to find them. Singer used to sing, comedian told jokes and performed amazing acts, while an idiot just had some weird outbursts,and stupidly funny stories. They had fun and got along really fine.
One night in the middle of comedian act, a fairy comes and says:
– I have been watching you for some time. The way you cooperate and respect each other was really something I did not expect. That’s why I am going to fulfill each of you one wish, and one wish only.
Singer said he wants to be teleported home to his family. He wants his old life back.
Comedian says he wants to be teleported home too, to his wife and kids.
Idiot stops for a second and says:
– I’m bored. I want those two back.

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