A woman comes home early from work to surprise her husband for his birthday.

She enters her house, walks up the stairs, and heads towards the direction of her bedroom. As she eagerly walks to her bedroom, her adrenaline was spiking, she was anticipating a very dirty night. She slowly opened the door and astonishingly, she saw two people on her bed covered with a blanket, with only the soles of their feet exposed to the surroundings, and everything else hidden. The woman immediately became furious, she took the bat to her side and started swinging and bashing her cheating husband and his lover. Soon enough, she became exhausted by all the swinging and decided to head downstairs and vent out her anger vocally. Not 5 seconds after she gets downstairs comes her husband joyfully singing ‘La La La La La’. The woman was utterly nullified and confused.

“If you’re here then who’s upstairs?” the woman asked hesitantly.

“Oh sorry honey, I forgot to mention your parents came over to stay with us for a few days.”

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