A woman is riding in a taxi

A woman is riding in a taxi and wants to ask the driver a question. She leans forward and taps the driver on the shoulder and says, “excuse me” very politely.

The cab driver jumps in his seat, nearly hits a bus, drives up on the curb and stops just before hitting a shop window.

The woman apologizes profusely, ” I’m so sorry! I didn’t think I’d scare you so bad!”

The cabby is shaken and says, ” no, I’m the one whose sorry. This is my first day on the job as a cab driver. For the last 20 years I’ve been driving a hearse.”

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  1. A man orders a taxi late at night
    submitted 1 month ago by u/LemmePet

    He tells the driver where to go and the ride is pretty quiet. The man is not much for small talk and just stares out the window. They are cruising on the freeway when he notices that they missed the exit. “Doesn’t matter” he thinks “It’s a little around but faster on the freeway” but then he sees them driving right by the other exit they were supposed to take. He leans forward to tap the driver on the shoulder and the man jumps in his seat, yoinks the wheel and narrowly avoids ramming into the side of the road.

    The man catches his breath and says “Did I scare you that much?!” and the taxi driver apologizes: “I’m sorry sir, before this I drove a hearse for 20 years.”

    Is that the same as this one? only difference is a woman. Re-Post.

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