A young boy asks his Grandfather, a farmer, to explain to him how sex works

so the Grandfather starts to explain:
“First you get up and feed the animals, milk the cows, clean the stables, collect the eggs, and then you go and plow the fields, maintain the farm equpiment, cut wood,…”

“But Grandpa that doesnt sound like sex.”

“Maybe, but thats how I have been fucked all my life.”

What do you think?

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  1. Feeding the animals, feed taxed

    Milk, Taxed

    Eggs, taxed

    Farm equipment, taxed

    cleaning the stables, Fertilizer tax

    maintain farm equipment, taxed

    cutting wood taxed (Fuel tax)

    Plowing the fields (Fuel tax)

    The little boy will figure it all out when he pays his inheritance tax.

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