A young man walks into a sweets shop

And he buys three boxes of candy. One box costs ten dollars, the next twenty dollars, and the last box he buys is a *fifty dollar box* of candy.

So the owner of the sweets shop asks the young man, “you’ve got all this candy now, but why so much and why did you buy three boxes of such differing value?”

The young man responds, “well, I have a date tonight with someone very special, and I’d like to give her something at the end of the date.

Now, if she parts with maybe a handshake and a ‘have a nice night’, I’ll give her the ten dollar box.

If she gives me a hug, I’ll give her the twenty dollar box.

But if she gives me a kiss, I’ll give her the fifty dollar box!” And the young man departs the sweets shop to prepare for his date.

So when the young man arrives to pick up his date, the young woman’s parents ask him to stay for dinner; in fact, they insist on it. The young man comes inside for dinner, and at the dinner table, the parents ask the young man if he would like to lead the prayer.

The young man obliges, and says the longest, most dedicated, most fervent prayer you’ve ever heard in your life!

After the prayer, the young woman says to her date, “wow, you know, I didn’t realize you were so spiritual”.

The young man responds, “I didn’t realize your father owned the sweets shop!”

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