Accountant Joke

The CEO of a large corporation called his directors for a meeting. He asked the director of development, “Mr. Jones, what is two plus two?”

Mr. Jones, looking a bit confused, replied, “Two plus two is four, Sir.”

The CEO said, “Ya, that`s what I thought you would say.” Then he asked the marketing director, “Mrs. Schmitt, what is two plus two?”

Mrs. Schmitt, also looking confused, replied, “Jones is right, Sir. Two plus two is four.”

The CEO said, “Hmmm…” Then he asked the accountant, “Mr. Walker, what is two plus two?”

Mr. Walker got up and closed the curtains, he checked the door to make sure it was locked, then he got close to the CEO and whispered, “What do you want it to be, Sir?”

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  1. Tell me you’re not an accountant without telling me you’re not an accountant. Accountants don’t fudge calculations. Those are very easily back traced by auditors and voila your company fails the audit, gets charged with tax evasion by the govt and bye bye job.

    It’s the initial numbers we fudge, not the calculations.

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