After the invention of time travel, many historic figures were brought to the present to experience modern culture with varying degrees of success.

George Washington nearly had a heart-attack because of the current state of the two party system, Napoleon tried to conquer Europe once more, and Alfred Einstein became an avid redditer, amongst many other historic events.

But out of all the crazy things happening because of time travel, the most unusual thing just happened to be the ancient Romans’ obsession with modern rock. Julius Caesar, Brutus and the rest of the gang (the senate) would usually go to some kind of rock concert every weekend to fufill their obsession with good ol’ rock N’ Roll. All of them had become massive die-hard fans of the genre, especially Caesar. Everything from Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Pop Rock, Anthem Rock, Contemporary Rock, Alternate Rock, and the list goes on.

However, most of the senate thought Caesar was way too overbearing, and seemed to steal the thunder of every show they went to. They could hardly listen to the music because of all the crazy Caesar fans everywhere. Because of this, they decided to go without him for once.

That week, the senate and Brutus decided to make up random reasons why they couldn’t go out with Caesar that weekend.

“Sorry I have to repair my phone.”

“My cat died.”

“I have a dentist appointment.”

The excuses were endless.

Eventually, after the 23rd call, Caesar just decided to call it a night. Although he would have been fine going alone, he didn’t want his friends to feel left out. So he stayed home.

The weekend rolled around, and the gang went off to their concert without Caesar for once, celebrating their effective (albeit unoriginal) plan.

Whilst at the concert, Caesar called Brutus to ask him about an upcoming Olympic game in London.

Brutus accidentally accepted the call.

“Hey Caesar, what’s up?” Brutus asked nervously.

“Uhh…” Caesar was quiet for a moment. “What’s that? I- I thought you were busy watering your tomato plants? Where are you!?” Caesar asked angrily as the sound of a roaring crowd and loud music were incredibly apparent within the call.

“It’s not what it sounds like!” He pleaded, trying to think of an explanation. Suddenly, “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” started at the worst possible time, and he knew there was no way to deny his treachery.

“U2, Brutus?”

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