An American, a Frenchman, and a Vietnamese are arguing where Adam and Eve were from.

The American says, “Adam and Eve must be American. Look at how much they love freedom – they have everything they could ever want in the Garden of Eden, yet they still pursue the one single thing that they’re forbidden from by God. To love absolute freedom so much, they must be American!”

The Frenchman says, “No, Adam and Eve must be French! They wander around the garden in nakedness full of love for each other, and even went against God to take the forbidden fruit all for their love of each other! To love so strongly and deeply, they must be French!”

Finally, the Vietnamese says, “No, no, Adam and Even must be Vietnamese! Look, they have no possessions – no roof above their heads, no clothes, even an apple is forbidden to them! To be so destitute and still believe they’re in Paradise, they must be Vietnamese!”

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