An animal rescuer, homeless shelter director, volunteer pediatrician, and ice cream machine repairman are waiting at the Pearly Gates

The animal rescuer meets Saint Peter who reviews her resume of thousands of animals she’s saved. Shaking his head, he announces: “Denied.”

Next is the homeless shelter director. Saint Peter looks over his resume, nods slightly, but still announces: “Denied.”

The volunteer pediatrician, getting nervous, decides to let the ice cream machine repairman go next.

Saint Peter glances at his resume and without hesitation: “Granted!” And the man walks through.
Now very confused, the pediatrician said, “How is it that a woman who dedicates her life to saving defenseless animals and a man who has helped the lives of tens of thousands of people are both denied entry into heaven, but a regular old ice cream machine repairman gets in?”

“Simple,” explained Saint Peter, “We have a McDonald’s.”

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