An Italian bride’s wedding night…

A young Italian bride is to spend her wedding night at her mother’s house.
The bride and groom retire to the bedroom, where the groom starts disrobing. He takes off his shirt, to reveal a hairy, muscular chest, and the bride rushes next door to tell her mama, “Mama, he has such a big broad hairy chest!”. To which Mama reassures the bride, that it’s ok, that she’s to lucky to have a real man.
She goes back to the room.
The groom then removes his trousers, to reveal a muscular pair of legs…and the bride rushes next door to tell her mama, “Mama, he got a great pair of legs likr tree trunks ”. Of course Mama reassures the bride… such a lucky girl, now get in there there …..
And then the groom removes his socks, to reveal one foot, and the other foot had been chopped off at the instep. Breathlessly, the bride rushes to tell her Mama, “Mama, Mama, he got a foot and a half”. And then Mama steps up, and tells her daughter, “Stand aside, this is a job for Mama…”

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