An old baker was getting on in years, so he decided to hire some help…

In the form of a perky young lady favoring short skirts, to work the counter. One day, a man walks into the bakery and asks for some raisin bread. This happens to be on the top shelf, so the young lady has to get a ladder and climb up to get it. The man gets his bread and a rather pleasant view in the process.

Meanwhile another man has walked in, and suddenly decides he wants some raisin bread as well. Back up the ladder she goes. By now a small crowd has formed in the store, many asking for raisin bread, and the girl is getting tired and starting to suspect something is going on. At that moment, a little old man gets to the front of the line.

“Let me guess,” she says. “Is it raisin for you too?”

“Oh, not yet, Miss” he replies. “But it’s-a quiverin’!”

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