An old woman and her birthday gifts

An old woman had three sons. Two were rich and the other was poor. This woman’s 90th birthday was coming up and this depressed the poorer son as he knew he could never match his brothers gifts in terms of expense or splendour.

However, he didn’t give up and thought of gift she would really love. He knew his mum was highly religious but as she was getting older her eyesight was failing her meaning she couldn’t read her Bible anymore.

He spent a while thinking about this and came up with a solution. He bought a parrot and spent every waking moment training this bird to quote Bible verses on command. This took intense training and meant many missed social occasions and late nights. After a monumental effort he managed to train the parrot so that it could quote all of his mum’s favourite verses.

After her 90th birthday the woman invited her son’s round so she could thank them personally for her gifts.

She turned to the first son and thanked him for the car complete with chauffeur as this allowed her to get to church as she could no longer drive.

She then thanked the second son for her new house which had stair lifts and all kind of modifications to help make her life easier.

Then she turned to the third son and said –
“Son, I have to say you know me best. That chicken was delicious!’

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