At the golf course

A man was waiting for an open tee at a golf course when a stranger walked up with a set of clubs and asked,

– “I’m by myself today – wanna pair up?”

The first man was glad to have a partner, so he agreed, and off they went.

The stranger turned out to be a salesman for male enhancement products, and he started pitching:

– “You know, single guys our age just don’t manage to do as well with the ladies as younger guys do.”

The first man looked embarrassed, so the salesman hastened to assure him his product would put the crisp back in his cucumber in no time, and he handed the guy a sample pack and told him,

– “You’ll have all the ladies you can handle, now! I come here all the time to golf, so when we run into each other again, you can tell me about all your conquests!”

A couple of months later, they meet again on the golf course.

The salesman said,

– “Well? Was I lying? How many gals have you had since you tried my pills?”

The other guy said, with a pleased grin,

– “Two!”

The Salesman was nonplussed

– “Two? Only two?”

The other guy got a little miffed:

– “Well, for a Catholic priest in a small parish, that’s not bad!”

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