At the pharmacy

Man walks into a pharmacy and asks the pharmacist where he can find the Viagra.

The pharmacists tells him he needs a prescription to buy it.

The man smiles and says,

– “Bullshit, I have $100 in my pocket that says I don’t need one.”

The pharmacist looks left and right to be sure they were out of earshot, then replies,

– “ how many do you need?”

Th man says,

– “I have 2 twenty year old French escorts spending the weekend with me. I figure I’ll need about 10.”

The pharmacist concludes the transaction and wishes the man a great weekend.

The following Monday morning the pharmacist looks up and notices the same man rummaging through the shelves.

Eager to be of assistance, he says,

– “Morning ….How can I help you today?”

The man moans and says,

– “I’m really hurting….I need a large tube of Ben Gay.”

The pharmacist says,

– “Ben Gay!!!???. Hell, you can’t put Ben Gay on that thing!!!”

– “What thing???? Its for my wrist….The two women never showed up!!”

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