Eyes on the prize

It was a slow night at the Casino, just a few regulars playing the slots…

Two bored dealers were standing at the “mini-craps” table when out of nowhere, an incredibly attractive blonde woman from South Alabama placed a $5,000 bet on a single roll of the dice.
With a deep southern drawl, she announced, “I hope y’all don’t mind, but I feel much luckier shooting craps topless…”
With that, she stripped to the waist, revealing a large, natural bust with impressive silver dollar nipples, rolled the dice, and yelled, “Come on, southern girl needs a new blouse!”

After the dice bounced and came to a stop, she began jumping up and down, screaming, “Yes! Yes! I won! I won!”
Still topless, she hugged each of the dealers, gathered up her winnings, grabbed her pink camisole top, and then left in a hurry to cash out…

The two dealers stared at each other dumbfounded… Finally, one turned to the other and asked, “What did she roll?”
The other answered, “Heck if I know, I thought YOU were watching the table…”

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