Geoff walks into a bar…

and just outside he sees a man sitting on a bench staring at a neon sign that reads “Countless women use Tampax”.Geoff nods to himself and gets hammered. When he stumbles outside , he sees the man still seeing the billboard without wavering.
The next day, he again sees the man looking at the sign. This continues for a week and unable to bear the tension, he approaches the man on the bench and asks him “I see you sit right here every single day staring at that dumb sign, don’t you have a job?”.
The man replies “yes I do and I’m doing my job”
“You see I’m the O man”….
“What the fuck is an O man?”
“Well you see that sign there… if that O suddenly blinks off, my job is to run like hell and turn the whole fucking thing off”

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