Guy comes back from deployment after a year…

And immediately when he gets home, he shows his wife a new trick he taught himself. He drops his pants and looks at his member and says “Soldier, ten-hut!”
His member immediately shoots errect.
She finds this ammusing.
“Baby,” he says “there is more.”
He looks down at his member and says “At Ease soldier.”
His member goes limp.
She thinks this is amazing! He keeps this up for a good 30 minutes. The wife is so amazed, she runs to her neighbor and best friend who is a smoking hot blonde with a curvaceous figure. When she and the wife return, he says “Soldier, ten-hut!”
His member shoots erect.
The neighbor is amused, but the wife says it gets better.
He looks down and says “Soldier, at ease.”
It stays erect.
“Soldier, at ease!” he says in a very demanding way.
It stays erect.
Embarrassed now, he runs to the bathroom.
After him being in the bathroom for 10 minutes, the wife wonders what is going on. The wife goes in the bathroom and catches him masterbating.
“Baby! What are you doing?” She says appallingly!
“The soldier wouldnt get at ease so I have to give him a dishonorable discharge.”

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