Guy pulls into a road-side restaurant after a long day on the road.

Sits at the counter next to another guy, who’s hovering over his bowl of chili. The guy is famished and is about to order food, when he leans in and asks the other guy hovering over the bowl, “Say, is that chili any good?”

The hovering guys responds, “Yes.”

The traveler, slightly confused asks, “Well…. aren’t you gonna eat it?”

The hovering guys says, “Nope.”

Traveler responds, “Well, if you aren’t gonna eat it, mind if I?”

He slides the bowl over to the traveler, and traveler takes a bite. It’s amazing! The best chili he’s ever tasted! He proceeds to devour the bowl, shoveling the chili in as fast as he can.

Finally he gets to the bottom of the bowl and sees a dead cockroach sitting at the bottom. He vomits every delicious morsel back into the bowl.

The hovering man leans in and whispers, “That’s exactly what I just did.”

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