Guy walks up to a bartender

And points at a cup about 10 feet away sitting on the bar. Man says, “I’ll bet you $300 I can piss in that cup and not get a drop anywhere else.” Bartender thinks on it for a second and he responds, “you’re on.”

So the guy stands up on the bar, gets ready, and pisses everywhere. He hits the drinks, the limes, the salt, the cash register, the bartender, the chairs, the patrons, the phone. Basically he hits everything except for this now bone dry cup.

He gets down and the bartender is laughing hysterically saying “pay up drunk ass.” The man steps over to a full table of people and talks to them for a moment. The man comes back and hands the bartender his cash.

The bartender is laughing while counting his money and notices that the man is doing the same thing. Puzzled, the bartender asks “why are you laughing? You just lost $300 dollars.”

To which the man responds, “yeah but you see those guys over there? I bet them $500 a piece I could piss on all your stuff and you’d be happy about it.”

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