Harry was practicing his golf swing in his front yard when he swung a little too hard, he sent the ball through his neighbors window. He rang the bell but nobody answered so he opened the door to see an old lamp lying near broken glass and a huge fat Arabian man wearing a turban sitting on the couch

Harry asked, “Who are you?” The fat man replied, “I am a genie you have freed from that lamp.”

Harry questioned, “Oh man, do I get three wishes?” The genie replied, “Since you freed me by accident you only get one and I get one.”

Harry brought over his wife and discussed about what to wish for. The couple told, “We want a million dollars every week of our lives.” The genie said, “Granted. And now for my wish, I have been cramped up in that lamp for many years so its been a while since I’ve been with a woman. I want one day of wild, crazy sex with your wife, Harry.”

Harry said, “No way!” The genie replied, “Not even for a million dollars a week?” Harry turned to his wife, who said, “I guess for all that, I should. Well, not until Harry leaves.” Harry said, “Okay, have fun, I guess,” and left.

Harry’s wife then proceeded to have wild sex for the rest of the day with the genie. When they were finished, the genie asked how old her husband was. She said, “Forty-five.” The Genie laughed and said, “Isn’t he a little old to be believing in genies?”

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  1. > The genie replied, ‟Since you freed me by accident you only get two and I get one..”
    >Dylan thought about it and realized what he wanted, ‟I wanna be the best golfer ever.”
    >The surprised genie said, ‟You sure? Most people wish for money, but okay. Now your wife gets one wish.”

    Why did Dylan lose his second wish and his wife gain one?

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