I can do anything better than you

Three Vampires trying to outdo one another. The first went away, come back with blood trickling out the side of his mouth. “I killed the whole family. The 2nd one went and comeback with even more blood. I killed the whole town. 3rd one goes away. Comes back, his whole body is saturated with blood. Wow look at you.
He goes, “You see those bunch of trees down there”.
They go “Yes”.
He goes “Well I fucken didn’t”.

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  1. Been told better. You gotta include the time in the joke. “Three vampires were arguing who could kill the most people the fastest. The first disappears and comes back 30 seconds later with blood dripping from his mouth. Says see that house over there? I just killed a family of 5. Second vampire laughs, then disappears, and returns 20 seconds later, blood all over his chin. Says see that town over there? I just killed the whole town. Third vampire just disappears, returns 10 seconds later, covered in blood, and says see that tree over there?


    Well I fucking didn’t.”

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