I don’t know if this will translate well into English but here goes

An old man is doing jumps on top of a manhole cover.

“Twenty-seven, twenty-seven, twenty-seven, …”

A young man, curious, approached the old man and asked him, “What are you doing that for?”

“It’s fun!”


“Yes! Would you like to try?”

The young man, thinking he had time to kill, got on top of the manhole cover and started jumping.

“Twenty-seven, twenty-seven, …”

Right when he’s high in the air, the old man snatched the manhole cover from right under his feet. The young man fell right through, screaming all the way down.

The old man put the manhole cover back, got on top of it, and started jumping again.

“Twenty-eight, twenty-eight, twenty-eight, …”

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