I went to the Olympics in Tokyo…

… and saw a guy walking around with a big stick.
So I asked: “Are you a pole vaulter?”.
He replied: “No I’m German, but how did you know my name is Walter?”

(stole this joke from Billy Connolly)

What do you think?


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  1. **For the few commenters who are not aware of the sport of ‘pole vaulting’:**

    Multiple competitors battle to the death using 10′ long sticks (or ‘poles’) in order to gain access to a mysterious vault. Bloodied, and knee-deep in the corpses of his or her fallen sporting rivals, the emerging victor may open the vault within which they find the competition medals. The ensuing ceremony sees them given all 3 medals, and after placing the silver and bronze over the 2 most recent corpses, they are announced as champion.

    It usually draws the second biggest crowd, after beach volleyball.

  2. After winning gold at Athens and making millions from endorsements, Timothy Mack tired of the bustle of public life. He retired from Olympic pole vaulting and settled down with his family in the hills of rural Vermont. As his Dutch ancestors in Friesland once did, he retained his vaulting poles and used them to cross over streams and rivers on his property without getting wet.

    One spring when the streams were particularly full after a rain he took his pole and went out. His wife asked him to stay in, claiming that it wasn’t safe. But he went out anyway. As he vaulted across a river, the pole sank unexpectedly into a gopher hole, and he missed his mark, fell into the river, and was swept away. Later his drowned body was recovered. The coroner remarked, ‟In these sorts of cases it is not the vaultage that kills you, it is the current.”

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