I yelled “COW!” at a woman on a bicycle and she gave me the middle finger.

Then she plowed her bike straight into the cow.

I tried.

What do you think?

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  1. Hey, this actually happened a few years ago. It was in rural Kelantan (Northeast Peninsular Malaysia) in my maternal hometown. A guy was riding pass my cousins and I. We were waiting for a taxi on the roadside.

    My cousin, suddenly yelled, ‟LEMBU!!!” (cow in Malay).
    The guy did exactly what you wrote. Then, he ran into a bull that was crossing the road.

    He fell. He was gored and stomped on by the enraged bull. My other cousin ran to call for an ambulance while the first cousin and I tried to get the bull off the guy.

    We managed to do it but not without a few bruises. By the way, my cousin made a mistake. It wasn’t a cow-bull but a caribou bull which are much bigger, meaner, and have bigger sharper horns.
    The guy was taken to the hospital. He spent a couple of days in a coma. Several broken bones, concussion, and several other delightful injuries.

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